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Dan began composing, recording, and producing music digitally (mostly demos for various band projects) after acquiring a Roland U-20 synth and an Alesis MMT-8 sequencer in the late '80's. He first encountered computers in the '90's when he began working with Cakewalk sequencing software and the earliest versions of Finale notation software. In 2003 he created Mystic Pointe Music with the intent of producing digital music for film and video projects. He renamed his studio Sonic Fabrication in 2015, and has released dozens of audio and video projects in years since. Dan's catalog includes jazz, orchestral, ambient, and globally infused genres.  Leelanau Seasons features gorgeous images of natural and historic sites in Michigan's beautiful Leelanau County. Struggle, from the album A Sword That Heals, is a heartfelt commentary on racial inequality and civil unrest. Sunken Lounge, a chillsonic effort and jazztronica affair, was released in late 2021. 

The Perimeter

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